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Buying new carpeting successfully involves much more than running your hand across some samples. The basics you need to learn: what makes a good carpet, which padding is best for you and what goes into a quality installation.

About Carpet Types


Carpet is made in a range of styles to provide different appearances and textures.


Level Loop Pile


This carpet type is made of level loops of the same height which are not cut. This style of carpet is particularly durable and easy to clean. Level loop carpets are less likely to show crush marking or show wear tracking in high traffic areas. Most commercial carpets are of this type.


Multi Level Loop Pile


The construction process of this type of carpet produces a sculptured appearance. Different loop heights are used to make the pattern designs, such as diamonds and squares in the carpet surface. This style of carpet is easy to care for and produces a modern look.


Cut Pile


Cut pile carpet is the most popular carpet used in Australian homes. Cut pile carpet comes in two textures. One is the 'plush pile' which can show characteristics of shading and show footprints. The other textures is a more robust 'twist pile'. The twist pile being chunkier in its construction reduces the effect of shading and marking of footprints. You should consider the effect of shading and resistance to foot prints before installing cut pile carpets.


Cut & Loop

This style is best described as 'high low' carpet as well, and is constructed of mainly cut pile with lines or sculptures of loop pile. This carpet has the ability to disguise marks and soiling better than a plain cut pile. Cut and loop carpets can have patches or 'blotches' of colour with distinct lines throughout the carpet.




Current manufacturers have copied the old fashioned look of flaxen weave construction. Patterns such as herring bone, nasket weave and straight lines can be achieved using this construction method. This type of carpet is durable, easy to clean and resistant to marking in high traffic areas.


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